An easy-to-use CRM
to manage your nonprofit community

Your database is 100% customizable and always up to date. Consolidate all your members, donors, volunteers and prospects in one place on AssoConnect.

Easily manage your nonprofit CRM

A database to help you
gain time & independence

A CRM for your nonprofit

On each contact's profile, you can see a summary of each of their activities within your organization. Membership duration, donation history, emails sent, purchases, event participations and more.

Communicate more effectively

Choose the channel of communication best suited to the groups or individuals in your CRM, whether by email, text or direct mail.

Manage administrator rights

Define the information accessible by administrators, contacts or for certain groups. You can grant access to different tools and information.

Keep your data safe and secure

Your CRM is your own

All of the information stored in your CRM belongs to your organization and is never shared. You can export all of your data at any time if you decide to change systems.

Secure online transactions

All online payments are 100% secure. Financial transactions do not pass through AssoConnect's bank account at any time.

Your data is secure

All user and administrator accounts are password protected. These passwords are stored using a coding technique that cannot be used to decipher original passwords.

Software that is GDPR compliant

At AssoConnect, we are committed to protecting your data under the General Data Protection Regulation (European Union). Our privacy policy is fundamental to us and applied to all client websites. We never release or sell personal information.

Streamline your organization all
while overseeing your chapters

Give autonomy to your chapters

If you are an organization with several branches, AssoConnect can help you unify efforts, while granting autonomy.

Delegate management

Assign responsibility to one or more people, and grant them access to multiple features. They can create emails, events, and edit your website and blog.

Your data is consolidated in one place

All data managed in your chapters is consolidated at the main level of your platform. Contacts and communication data are all stored together.


The use of an Advanced Group for a chapter is $15.00 (incl. tax) per month per group in addition to your subscription (invoiced at the end of the trial period).