Military & Veteran Nonprofits: Join forces with AssoConnect for better nonprofit management

Manage your donors, events, and email newsletters, all in one place

Optimize your management of veteran services


Stay in touch with your veteran community.


Organize events to bring your community together.


Manage all the information on your members, donors, and volunteers in one place.


Communicate with your community with email newsletters.


Fundraising is easy with online donation campaigns.


Create a website with 100% customizable templates.

Create donation campaigns for
your veteran nonprofit

Customizable donation campaigns

Within 5 minutes, create a donation campaign that suits your nonprofit’s needs. Offer options for one-time or recurring donations.

No more copy and paste

New donors supporting your veteran nonprofit are automatically added to your CRM, while existing donor profiles are updated.
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A CRM that is always ready for action

Your entire community in one place

All your donors, volunteers, advocates, and contacts are automatically updated with their donation history, emails sent, and purchases from your online store.

Segment your CRM by creating groups

Communicate strategically with your veteran community, by organizing contacts into groups.

Secure data

Each contact has access to their own profile information, but your database is protected against unwanted viewers.
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Communicate easily from your
veteran nonprofit headquarters

Email lists are always organized and updated

With the communication tool linked to your CRM, your email lists are always ready for you. In just a few clicks, send the right message to the right people, at the right time.

Create email newsletters to feature veteran news

In our email tool, you can drag and drop text, images, and buttons to quickly create an impactful newsletter.

Analyze email performance

Track open, click, and bounce rates of your email newsletters with our email analytics.
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A website at your service

Build a website that responds to all devices and screen sizes

Use a template and customize it to meet your organization’s needs. Your website automatically adapts to all screen sizes.

Offer a private section of your website for your community

Restrict access to certain pages on your website for donors, veterans, activists, or volunteers. Publish exclusive content, merchandise, news, and events just for them.

Raise awareness of your cause by sharing your news

Easily integrate a blog into your website. Share your organization’s highlights with your community: news, interviews, and political developments.
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Manage events for your veteran community

Set up easy online registration

Use the events tool to create public or private registration links to track ticketing and attendance.

Offer different ticket prices and online payment

Honor veterans for their service with special ticket prices and add-ons. All payment options are available, whether check, cash, or online payment.

Stay zen on the big day

Set up automatic email reminders for your event attendees. On the day of the event, use AssoConnect to scan tickets and analyze event attendance.
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